Monday, December 3, 2007

Picture Post!

All the snowflakes I cut this year. It was nothing compared to how many we cut last year.
My favorite ornament of mine (well, apart from my Willow Tree Angel one). Gramma got it in Switzerland.

All of our stockings! Mine's the one smack in the middle. L-R - Daddy's, Mommy's, Cait's, Mine, Nate's, Candace's (just finished this year), and Eeyore's.

Decorating the tree.

All prettily decorated...

The snowflake room...

Pictures from Paintball!!!!

Waiting... watching... suspense...

A creepy looking Kenneth peaks around the side of the net...

Becky and I walk out to our base for the first round. At this point I was starting to get really scared... and we were talking about how we'd cower in a corner for a while... or just team up with Karl and Mike, which we did.

Steph and Mitch hiding behind one of the cars.
Me between rounds.

Dun dun. Dun dun. Can't you just feel your heart beating? :)

Ready... steady... *pffft* *splat* OW!

The whole group...

Go blue team!

Taking aim... I'm the one with the black hat on, higher than everyone else.

This is what happens when you get hit from 5 feet away. Ouch... I think the absolute closest I got hit was POSSIBLY 10 feet when Mitch shot my head.

Mr. St, who was taking all of the pictures, got a few really "pretty" ones of Nate, this one included.

CHAAAAAAAAARGE! Man, that airhorn blows and immediately it's a mad dash to get to a spot before the opponent takes aim... adrenaline pumping... heart beating... I love paintball...

This week was okay. Not the best, but not really bad. I've been struggling in different areas... would rather not say where, though. God's helpin' me through, though. Mr. Paul Tripp was here for a conference, and the parents had one on us (ie - us teens) during Oasis, and then he spoke on Friday morning at Church, then Friday night and Saturday morning. Friday night was about change... and it was really, really good. Saturday morning I helped with childcare, though all I did was pick out certain colored beads for the 8-11 year olds. :P I would have rather been with the 2-4 year olds, but that's okay.
We went out in the desert with the H's, Ch's, F's, Hannah and Rachel, and of course, us. :P Once everyone was there and we'd gotten camp all set up, we went up on a dune and for a while were tossing around a Frisbee (sadly we didn't have enough people to play Ultimate, but tossing it around was still fun), then someone brought the larps up and I was fighting Philip and Ben. Thankfully this time Philip and I didn't BOTH take the defensive (trust me, that's slow-moving), but that meant he beat me more than ever... though I did beat him some. Anyway, nobody got hurt except for a few broken blood vessels on my finger, and then I went and talked with Hannah, Sarah, and Alicia.
After dinner we played Cops and Robbers (with an objective...) for a while, then we got tired of that and made s'mores before going back up to play mind games like Click Click Bang Bang (which I figured out, btw), Shopping Mall, and in the Land of Nod.
Then we all had to go... that's the problem with going out on a Saturday, it's the end of the weekend here, so go-to-schoolers have to be back in time to get enough sleep.

Candace: Philip's hair is like Oreo's it hangs down over his eyes...
(Philip's hair is REALLY long... and needs to be cut... though not as much as someone else's... *cough*Nate*cough*)

Anyway... I'm dirty, stinky, and sandy... and need a shower and need to prepare my schedule for school this week.

'Night y'all.


ariadne said...

I LOVE WILLOW TREE! My mom almost got one for me last year in an ornament exchange. Almost.

Autumn said...

Your snow flakes are amazing! Mine never look that good. Maybe you could show us how to make them...?
Looks like you had a lot of fun with paintball!

Kyleian said...

Ariadne: aw, that stinks. My older sister and I both have an ornament and I think we both have a figurine as well... both from my gramma for Christmas different years.

Autumn: Well, I don't make them all on my own. I get them at, clicking on patterns.

Anna said...

Oh, I like the snowflakes!