Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, I'm back from Burami, was back a few days ago.

Thursday after Irish dance I went to the C's for sewing. I finished putting my platypus quilt piece together, but it still needs its background. I think he's adorable. Then we packed up the car and drove up to Burami, Oman, which is about two hours away from where we are. We had fun in the car, especially after dark when we could finally eat... Ramadan wasn't quite over yet at that point, they hadn't seen the moon. Anyway, we got there and found my parents, then other people and started saying hello and catching up.

Friday morning at breakfast we saw the Y's for the first time, and then the "younger group," Me, Hannah C., Heather, Nadia, and Grace, had nursery duty until 11:45, when the older group (Cait, Sarah, Joy, Lydia, and Elisabeth) would take over and we would get to do the first session of The Blazing Center, a series for youth by John Piper. (notes up later!) After lunch, we had free time, in which we played "ninja," a very fun, insane game, and talked. We had two more sessions before dinner, and then one after, then played games and talked until we had to leave the "youth" villa at 10. The C's, Cait, and I went up to the stage out back of the hotel and danced and talked for a while.

Saturday was basically the same as Friday, not too much was different, but we had to prepare our drama to perform for the adults the next day. We played a lot of mind games, such as "The Land of Nod," "Shopping Mall," and all those other games that make you really really frustrated at times. In the evening we worked on t-shirts, then walked around and talked with the C's again.

Sunday the younger group was on early nursery duty again, and after that we did our drama for the adults (went really well), and then we played games and started the ABC Movie until lunch, then it was packing up and we left. The Y kids came with us, as their parents had a few meetings and things over the next few days, and the P's were staying at our house that night because they had an early flight the next morning. We went to Festival City for dinner, then came back and talked until bed time.

Monday we talked with the Y's in the morning, went swimming, and then to volleyball. In the evening we watched Sense and Sensibility before bed.

Today Samuel taught us how to play squash, we played Kent, and walked around the compound looking like a bunch of idiots. :P
Want proof?

I was taking the pictures.

Playing Bus Stop... Samuel to Grace: "Can I step on your foot?"

Abigail.... I believe she was 8 months, one of the most adorable babies ever. A bit hard to put down for a nap, though.

Joshua. He has HUGE eyes, and he and his brother are both really cute... though Bryan likes playing Star Wars and trying to kill me. :)

Tim and his sister Esther. I had no idea they were siblings until Sarah told me. Tim is my little friend... he's very ticklish, and will escape being tickled by climbing onto my back.

Peace... VERY like most African women in our Church, she's extremely sweet and calls you "Auntie" and gives you kisses. She asked me where the spider in Little Miss Muffet came from. :)

Hopefully I'll have my notes from The Blazing Center up soon, it's back to school tomorrow, though, so who knows how long it'll take me to get on here.



Anna said...

Can I borrow the little kids? They are adorable...

Cait said...

fun weekend =)

Next time remember to put the pictures the right way up though.

kalipay said...

you have lots of fun! :)

so the kids are from the nursery in church?? the ethnic diversity is striking! what language do you all primarily communicate in (if i may be so culturally inept as to not know and have to ask! lol)?