Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Vacation.

Just this morning I decided that this week I'm going to stay off of the internet.
Lately it's become too addicting and I've been losing other time because of all the time I spend online.
Also, my quiet times have gone way out of whack because I get up and my immediate action is to go online.
This needs to change.

The Three things I'm asking prayer for are:
1. That I'd grow in my faith this week, spending more time with God rather than with people I don't really even know.

2. That I'd learn to live away from the internet, and that it'd become just an activity like reading, not an all-afternoon activity.

3. That I'd have self control and strength against temptation, especially that of the internet.

So I won't be around for a week, but I pray it will be a fruitful week. (This week will be from Sunday, September 30th - Sunday, October 7th).

And when I get back, I'll probably change my blog name, this week will give people time to find out.



Autumn said...

Have a great break! I'll be praying. I have had internet addictions before. They never get too awful bad though, because the only ocmputer with internet is in my parent's room, and I have to ask before I can get online. But blogging and other stuff can be way to addicting, and not only do they consume our minds, but our thoughts too.
I'll be looking forward to you posts next week!

Autumn said...

BTW, I have started reading some of those Rebelution articles you posted. I am really enjoying them, so thanks for putting them up!