Friday, July 27, 2007

Last Night

Well, I know I usually don't make posts 2 days in a row... buuuut I feel like I should today.

Last night, after Cait and I visited Miss Elaine, daddy drove us to someone's house... a local family, with a girl Cait's age and a bunch of cousins.
They were absolutely crazy. But I'm praying that visits will happen again and we can be friends with them and eventually maybe lead them to Christ. It would be AWESOME to have a bunch of secret believers... and even better, it would be great if they could one day come out into the open and still have religious freedom - here, to be a local means to be Muslim.

Anywaaay... I was just thinking... I mean, they're so lively and happy... but do they ever feel caged? I mean, they can't go out of the house without an abaya and sheyla. And so many other things. It just makes me want to pray for them even more.

So that's the prayer for today... just pray that these girls, but all locals, will have a chance to be free and hear the word and not have to be secret believers.

Today was Cait's birthday partaaay... Daniel came as well, cuz Rachel was coming, and so I actually ended up playing Settlers of Catan, Mau, and Dreidel with Daniel and Nate. I did talk with the girls some, and at the table.
Oh, and we played Candyland.
Daniel had never played before, so we decided he had to play.
And we did. :p I know, we're so evil...



BananaBint said...

Two posts in a row! This is HEAVEN! (: Not really, but yeah. (:

bananabint said...

What color clothes are yo wearing today? Sorry, I'm bored. (: he he

Kyleigh said...

I'm wearing a black skirt... and a green flowered shirt.