Saturday, April 7, 2007

Desert campout... of a sort.

With Lisa and Zoe in from England, we went to the beach last Sunday (Palm Sunday, basically), which was loads of fun, and then out to the desert for a camp-out type thing this weekend. Kristen B. rode in the car with us on the way out, and at that point it was only Mr. B, Kristen, the R kids and a few others. Our car was crammed full with our 6-man tent, 3-man tent, 6 sleeping bags, 6 pillows, 2 boxes of food, my cloak, our backpacks, water, etc... so we only had 1 extra seat on the way into the desert, cuz the S's took some of our pillows in their car, because they weren't staying the night. Nathan drove the dune buggy out, which was really cool, and while we made camp, Mr. B and Mr. S drove the S's around in it for a while. Nathan, Daniel, Kristen and I larped for a while, and kind of explored. When it was dark Nathan and Carl went with Mr. B to go lead Lisa and the other girls (Rachel, Zoe, Sharon, Cait, and Leslie) in to our campsite. While they were gone, we stargazed, told Greek myths, and ate... they got back and there was hardly any food left. Rachel and I talked about stories again, and then we watched Nathan and Carl play chess. We went to bed - Rachel wanted me to sleep with her - or, got into our tent. We ended up talking until Midnight, but only because we couldn't sleep at all. In the morning, we ate pancakes, packed up a little, and then divided up for duning and riding in the dune buggy. I stayed behind to ride in the dune buggy, and Nathan took Carl out first, but then they came back and I went. We almost had to have a push start, because the engine wouldn't go, but then it did so we went off... I absolutely LOVED it. I got to drive some, which was wonderful, and I had a lot of fun doing that, even though over the noise I couldn't make out much of what Nathan was saying... "Clutch? or did he say accelerate? Well, I'll press the clutch first, if that's what he wants, he'll not say anything, otherwise he'll say something else..." was basically how it went. Then we got out to swap places so he could drive me back to the campsite, but it wouldn't start again. So we unbuckled, got and pushed for about ten secons, then when it was going a bit fast, we hopped in, buckled as quickly as possible, and he put it into gear and accellerated... it didn't start. He motioned for me to unbuckle, but then tried again and it worked, so we went back to the camp. On the way back we saw a really really cool lizard, well, he darted across our path, but yeah. Then we were just hanging around and talking for a while before the people came back from duning, and while Nathan took Lisa out in the dune buggy, then we packed up the rest of the camp and a few people went driving. The dune buggy ran out of oil, so Mr. B had to go and fill up the oil tank, but then we caught up with them and drove to the gas station where we put air back in the tires and got ice cream... good fun, all of it. I just wish I could have had a second go on the dune buggy, but there will be other times, as long as the guys don't break it like they usually do.

Well, see ya, eh.



Cait said...

desert was amazing as always...

mr. B didn't get a whole lot of screaming out of us dunebashing though. oh well. we saw a lot of goats. guts.

on the way out to where he and Nathan met us, we almost ran into a camel. twas freaky.

the dune buggy was amazing. my new favorite desert thing. sleeping out on the sand was cool too (and *shhh* blue fingers; Don't You Dare *shh* me? caught blue-handed? no way.)
Nathan is an incredible buggy driver! i was like whoa, didn't know it was that awesome.
but he said i was a good driver too; even got us drifting some, yeehaww.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. This is Bananabint. Didn't feel like signing in.

berylla said...

lol! sounds great!!

dune bugging is sooo much fun!

Kyleigh said...

Cait: Yeah... it was great. Driving it was even more fun. And push-starting it. That was the best part.