Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baseball, birthday party, and electrics,

Another week has flown by. We're stopping my guitar lessons - I'm not learning anything new anymore.
Youth group this week was outside. No set-up was needed, so I played foos ball with Philip, Nathan, and another kid, then Sharon, hannah, Sarah and I tossed around a hackey sack and played with Ben and James. J.W. started our new series - called Explode. The message this week was really good - basically boiled down to: You have a choice: heaven or hell. If heaven, God's commanded us to tell others and be filled with His power.
Friday after Church we went to the baseball field(s) at 11 for Nate's practice, game, and closing ceremonies. The practice and the game were ok, but the closing ceremonies and the hour between the game and then was annoying - it was sunny, hot, and Cait and I were bored stiff half the time.
When we got home, we swam, and then I worked on my story until Volleyball, then we got there, and Nathan, Daniel, Rachel (R. and C.), Hs, Cs, and Sharon were watching The Incredibles so we watched the ending and then out to play volleyball. Afterwards we played Sardines outside.

Saturday afternoon was Ben and James's birthday party - our Well Group was invited to help, so Sarah, Caroline, Melissa, Hannah, and I helped. Sarah, Caroline, and I put together the binoculars and helped with the crafts, then we watched and played with the little kids. When the party ended, Kristen taught those of us who were helping a line dance, then we cleaned up and watched part of Toy Story 2.

At fencing last night I did 2 electric matches - one against Chris, he won 5-0. But, I now know where not to try to get him. :P Mahmoud won 5-3. I'm making progress, though, last time I played Mahmoud, he won 10-2. Our lesson was really good, and I can feel myself improving. The instructor broke my favorite epee... I lunged, he went up to hit the sword to tell me to cease, and he broke it. So then I had to use the French Grip instead of the Pistol grip and that kinda annoyed me, but it was ok.
I hope I can start doing more matches again. Last week I didn't do any.

I'm working on an essay on Masks, and that'll be up before too long.



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Sounds like you do some pretty interesting stuff during the week!!

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