Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The few times I've thought of leaving the Arwen-Undomiel forum, I've stopped, remembering there are so few Christians there and so many people who are struggling.Turns out that God wants me there still. This one person, "No one Important" is their username, Said this as their introduction
"Introducing myself isn't the easiest thing to do. Lets just say I think I am medicaly depressed and I feel like life is pointless right now. I like people but they make me depressed all the time for some unknown reason. I als like guns... big guns. And besides that I can't think of much to say. so yeah. Just hi and by to those unfortunate enough to read this post."
I start thinking "this person needs help." So I replied:
" Well, even though you feel life is pointless, it does have a point, one just has to find it. If you like, you may PM me, and I may be able to help you find it - I've helped others."
Then, This morning, I got a PM -"This meaning of life you speak of? it is what? "
Immediately, I replied. I'm now just praying that my reply would help this person in need, and help them find God's love and the hope they need.
Please pray for No_one_Important



Ilevot said...

true, true, though there is also the chance that it could be one of those two guys......:P

Anna said...

Hey Kyleigh
I'll be sure to pray for No One Special. Give me Updates!

Kyleigh said...

Thanks Anna, I will!