Saturday, February 24, 2007


On No_One_Important: They are feeling better, and are starting to come back to happiness.

I went fencing this evening... It was really fun, and I enjoyed myself, even though it was hard. The instructor cracks jokes or something funny every now and then, and even still, having more advanced fencers there and fencing helps.
I can't wait to go again next week... It's going to be great, and hopefully we'll get passed footwork and get to go onto the swords. I'm already impatient to get out there on the piste sword and all and start dueling.



Anna said...

On the Fencing vs. Ballet thing, what do you really like better?

Kyleigh said...

They're too different.
But probably fencing, actually.

Anna said...

Hmm. Never tried fencing meself. Learning guitar, though. Not that they're related at all.