Monday, February 19, 2007

Colds, beans, and tea.

How come we get colds even in this wonderfully warm weather? Seriously. I'm carrying around a coffee mug full of steaming chammomile tea. And this afternoon I had trouble writing because I couldn't think straight - so I was bored. All of my activities involve thinking straight.

Then, why does everyone else in my family have to hate beans? You'd think they're poisonous or something the way they all avoid them... Well, my siblings, that is. Beans are good. They're good for you.
Without them we'd have to eat meat all the time. Blah.

Then comes tea... oh, joyous tea... sitting here with my coffee mug of chammomile tea makes me think of Leavenworth, and those evenings with Hannah down in the ping-pong room, drinking our tea.

Okay, that was complete randomness. But I'm bored, I don't really feel like doing anything, I can't go to bed because I'm babysitting, it's too early to call Kayla, I promised Nate I'd play ping-pong with him later, and it would take me ages to fall asleep anyway.

Well, I hope to post some of my photography in here sometime, worked in with my posts.


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