Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ya, I know I usually don't make posts like this.I'm usually not bored stiff.I seriously don't know what to do.No one's online.Everyone's busy.I've exceeded my school capacity for the day.And almost exceeded my writing capacity.*sigh*Seriously, if you're not interested in boredom, leave.All my best writing is already on here, too.Except... *drumroll*

The Mission: The spies of a Top Secret oranization are being sent to collect data from the enemy. The world is in danger of being destroyed, and the only way to stop it is if the spies find the documents, destroy them, and shut down the enemy's electricity. *end static*

It's actually something some of us AP-ers are writing together. Matt, Alex, Syd, Christianna, Amy, Cat, Katie, and I, that is. But I'm taking the plotline and what we write and making it into a story, not just an RP.

More of what I wrote this evening...
You were here once.Now you’re gone.
In that instant
When I turned my back.

Come on, it’s time for
A second chance.
I didn’t really
Mean it.

I never meant to
Let you go.
I needed you to
Stay with me.

They’ve all left me now,
Never to return,
All hope is lost for them,
I never thought I’d be so alone.

I’m always here,
My child.
No matter if
They all leave you!

You never have to
Be afraid.
I’ll always be by your side,
Never leaving you alone.

You’re always here,
My God.
No matter if
They all leave me!

I never have to
Be afraid.
You’ll always be by my side,
Never leaving me alone.

You’re still here, right by my side…
You’re still here, right with me now!

Yay, someone's on AP!
Well, expect me back later. Matt can't stay on forever.

Agent Tristan Lang.

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Ilevot said...

aww, sorry I for once wasn't on, Ky! I hate it so much when I have nothing to do but everyone else does, so there's no one on. =D ha ha, those are the times I go and play online Risk again. =D

Anonymous said...

ky, are you ok?

Tolkienite said...

Why wouldn't I be okay?
I'm fine. Just a little bored.

Anonymous said...

VERY bored.