Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tonight as I sat in the school room with my family; cutting out snowflakes and watching a video from The Vision Forum Film Festival 2004 (the film was 'A Journey Home'); My mind was wandering through my troubles and things of the past few days, when suddenly; it hit me. As well as an activity, I was having trouble with music. And then I realized: A lot of people I know don't even do an activity other than music. Why did I? It was frustrating me, giving me lots of trouble. And I couldn't decide what instrument to play. Maybe, just maybe, my parents would let me do two instruments instead of an activity.
I still have to talk to them about this - so please keep praying until something is decided. I would still have to decide which two instruments and if they would both be something other than guitar. (if so, my first choices would be Oboe and Violin or Oboe and Piano)

Thanks for praying!

There will be another post on Thursday at the latest - tomorrow afternoon my mom, Caitlyn and I are going to see Giselle at the Madinat Theatre, with the Rostov State Ballet.

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