Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Half a Day in My Life...

*Beep!* The alarm clock goes off at 7:24 a.m. Unless I wake before it and turn it off, which is normal. The first half hour to hour of my day is spent reading my Bible and praying; then I check my email and read until 8:00 a.m. Then I pop in a History Lecture by Dr. George Grant or pull out one of two history books. My dad wrote our History Syllabus, so one day I listen to a lecture, the next I may read a few pages in Western Civilizations or Streams of Civilization, or any other historical book. By nine, my stomach is growling so loudly I scramble down the stairs, even if I'm not done with history all the way. Breakfast is usually on the table and we all sit down and eat. Afterwards, my dad reads a chapter from the Bible (right now we are going through Proverbs) we discuss it, and then review/add more to our memory verse (Exodus 34:6-7 at the moment!). After I brush my teeth I play the piano (or do something) until ten when I start on Bible (written by my dad!), Literature (Smarr Publishers; Ancient Period), Math (Teaching Textbooks, Algebra II), French (Un Bon Depart, My dad, and Les Famille DuPont), and Biology (Apologia). Some days I do some on the composers. When I finish (usually right before lunch), we eat and I do my chores, (sometimes) practice my guitar, and do whatever for the rest of the day, unless I have my weekly Music lesson, Bible Study, Youth Group, or Orchestra. Fridays I have Church and then volleyball in the evening.
So here I am, on a Wednesday afternoon, sitting at the computer, four Internet explorer windows open, Christmas music ringing in my ears, and my mind telling me to get back to that luminous Microsoft Word window labeled 'Nanowrimo'. I am nearing the finish: 12,000 words left with 8 days and 8 hours to go. The problem is, I find the diversion section of the Nanowrimo forum quite fun. They really shouldn't have that there.
Yesterday I talked to Emily on the packet-8 phone. It was a really refreshing time but made me homesick for the wonderful Milligan School of Ballet I left back in Michigan.
I also had the assessment for my Epic of Gilgamesh paper. It went rather well... Mr. Watson likes my style of writing a lot, and says I write above my grade level, which was really encouraging. Once I finish revising and correcting it, I will most likely post it on here.
Tonight starts Orchestra for the Christmas outreach at UCCD. I don't have my music yet, which may cause a real problem, as you can probably tell.Well, I should probably get back to my novel... And then perhaps go practice my guitar, even though I won't have the music for orchestra, it doesn't hurt to warm up three hours early.

Ah, the good ol' email telling you not to worry that your music isn't there, they didn't mean for you to be at Orchestra tonight, your part starts practice next week!
I just got that about 2 minutes ago. Disappointed at first, then realized it's for the better, because it wouldn't go so well if I didn't have music.

The Nanowrimo is calling... I must go.

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